Help us bake our next batch!

Since the creation of the InKind Baking Project in January 2017, our volunteers have baked for over 38,000 of our neighbors, fulfilling 779 requests to date (and counting, each and every day!).
The InKind Baking Project is entirely volunteer-run, which means that every donation (large and small) can have a remarkable impact:
A donation of $10 will help us bake for 90 of our neighbors.
A donation of $25 will help us bake for 226 of our neighbors.
A donation of $50 will help us bake for 452 of our neighbors.
Your donations help us offset the cost of managing this network, each and every month. In order to manage a volunteer effort of this scale, we rely on meeting space, software, insurance, and supplies to keep things running smoothly.
Your donations help us keep the project equitable. We consider it a core part of our mission and values that everyone be able to participate, regardless of money. For this reason, we maintain a fund to pay for the cost of ingredients and drop-off transportation for any of our volunteers who seeks that reimbursement.
Your donations help us launch new partnerships, initiatives, and events. With your support, we hope to enter our 3rd year with the funds to build new relationships as we work toward our mission of extending welcome, community, and solidarity through baked goods.
NOTE:  If you'd prefer to donate by check, you can make your check out to "Culture Trust Greater Philadelphia," with "InKind Baking Project" on the memo line. Mail your check to:
Beth Warshaw
1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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